Gender lens, climate smart fund focused on sustainability and green initiatives


GLIDE is a venture capital growth fund with a focus on investing with a gender-lens in African businesses addressing climate change / sustainability. The Fund provides capital, mentorship and connectivity to businesses.

Diversity benefits Everyone.


Good for business

Diversity is excellent business: Diversity is good business: 70-80% of all consumer decisions globally and in Africa are made by women.

Companies that value diversity are able to draw upon a wider pool of talent and display greater employee engagement and retention.

Inclusive work environments are associated with better organizational outcomes, and gender diverse teams make better representative decisions.


Good for investments

Investing with a gender lens is simply good investing. The relationship between diversity and financial outperformance is proven.

Africa is undergoing social, economic and technological transformational change. The business revolution unfolding here makes it an attractive investment destination for earning robust returns with high impact.


Good for society

Women are agents of positive change as they typically invest a higher proportion of their earnings in their families and communities than men.

Gender equality is a prerequisite for achieving all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By advancing women’s equality, the African economy could add 10% to GDP (or US$316 billion) by 2025.

“Our aim is to accelerate the international expansion of African innovation-driven businesses by leveraging funding, mentorship & connectivity


  • Invest permanent growth capital into qualifying SMEs (with vested
    management teams)
  • Invest alongside reputable funds operating on the continent


In addition to a board seat, GLIDE will help entrepreneurs to grow their business through:

  • Strategy development – refining the business model to be repeatable and
    scalable; implementing diversity & inclusion approaches.
  • Corporate governance – ensuring best practice
  • Financial reporting – regular reporting & oversight
  • Legal – ensuring compliance with IP and other legal requirements
  • Sales and Marketing – optimizing the reach and value proposition


  • Business development – identify strategic partners and distribution channels to expand the business
  • Networks – identify, monitor and continuously evaluate potential partners/clients
  • Recruitment – assist with sourcing the best talent
  • Advisors – connect the business to advisors with domain expertise

What is Gender-lens investing?

GLI is an approach to investing that takes into consideration gender-based factors across the investment process to advance gender equality and better inform investment decisions in order to generate outperformance.

Allocating funds with the intent to address gender issues or promote gender equity, including by investing in:

  • Women-owned or women-led enterprises
  • Enterprises that actively promote workplace equity (in staffing, management, boardroom representation, and along supply chains); or
  • Enterprises that offer products or services that substantially improve the lives of women and girls

Investment objectives


Of fund allocated to African businesses that are: women owned and/or led. owned - 30% direct female ownership; led - 30% female representation at the C-Suite level


Distributed to disadvantaged African entrepreneurs, including the disabled, veterans, ex-convicts and alienated minority groups.



Opportunities with unique/differential IP. Sectors: Tech, Agriculture, Finance, Energy, Water & Sanitation, Education, Healthcare, Urban Development, Consumer Goods



Capital, strategic development, access to networks, ongoing mentorship



Grow/Increase value of post-revenue companies with scalable businesses



Gender-equity in early-stage businesses

Investment criteria

Most frequent questions and answers

30% direct female ownership OR 30% female representation at the C-Suite level.

• Strong management team with execution excellence, purpose driven with a clear understanding of the market and the solution offered
• Scalable business model generating revenues, with robust growth potential (export potential/substantial market demand), targeting high gross margins
• Strong competitive position within their targeted sector, with differentiated Intellectual Property (IP): a unique product
• Post-revenue with a solid client base
• Repeat customers through annuity and other revenue streams
• Defined exit strategy

• Large % of portfolio: Early-stage businesses with clear product-market fit, traction and revenue growth track record
• Small % of portfolio: Earlier-stage businesses, post-revenue

• The Fund will seek a minority stake in each investee, incentivizing and supporting the entrepreneurs to drive their businesses forward

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